Bridgeport Innovation Center formed MakerSpace in Bridgeport to encourage creativity and entrepreneurialism in local individuals.  BIC believes that by providing a network of like-minded people with instruction, a workshop and tools - it will result in a flourishing entrepreneurial culture.  If people are allowed to follow their interests wherever it leads them, the result will be fulfilling productivity.  All arts and trades are encouraged, for no rules should restrict the path of the inspired entrepreneur.

Join us at the Bridgeport Innovation Center, with access to a variety of space, tools, equipment and furniture.  Makerspace Bridgeport will provide all the tools and instruction to members, eliminating all barriers between them and their dreams.  Let’sLets build a community of innovative thinkers and learn new things together!


our mission

Giving back

MakerSpace Bridgeport founder Sam Pierpont and his team believe that true success is about more than growing personal portfolios; this top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to charitable causes that benefit diverse populations.  MakerSpace Bridgeport is committed to providing a variety of space, tools, equipment and furniture with the goal of  building a community of innovative thinkers and learning new things together!